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Dead Men's Tales



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What Happened at Jamestown?

Jamestown Rediscovery
The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities has built an extensive site about the archeological findings at Jamestown. See an artist's rendering of the face of "JR," the skeleton studied by Alan and Doug Owsley in the show.

Virtual Jamestown
Created by the Virginia Center for Digital History at the University of Virginia, this site offers many images, first-hand accounts and teaching resources relating to the history of Jamestown.

Reading the Bones
An article in Smithsonian magazine about the involvement of Smithsonian scientists like Doug Owsley in identifying remains for high-profile cases around the country.

NOAA Paleoclimatology Program
Paleoclimatologists use natural environmental records (trees, corals, glaciers) to indicate past climate conditions. Find out more on this detailed site from NOAA.

Tree-Ring Laboratory
Learn more about the work of tree-ring specialist (dendrochronologist) David Stahle and his colleagues at the University of Arkansas.

Annual Records of Tropical Systems
Read how coral rings are used to understand past, present and future climatic changes on this Stanford University site.

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