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What Happened at Jamestown?



Cores from the 1000-year-old baldcypress trees near the Jamestown settlement. The rings of these trees recorded the drought years that coincided with the English colonists' arrival.

Time Travelers
  3. (c)

Along what was later called the Silk Road. Because mounting evidence suggests that other inventions which were thought to have originated in China, like the wheel and bronze, may have also been brought in along the Silk Road - a theory disliked by the Chinese government.

A Texan Tall Tale
  5. (d)

Tobacco-stained teeth, Catholic medallion, Artificial leaf from rosette, DNA from tooth fragments.

The Real Pyramid Builders

The graves of the workers who built the Pyramids themselves



City of Gold

  9. (c)

The king and queen of Thulamela. They were the first royal couple ever excavated in Southern Africa.


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