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 Objects in Motion; Forces; Air Pressure; Friction; Effect of mass on projectile  flight;  Open and closed systems
 Chemical Reactions


 Science as Inquiry- Content Standard A
 Students will learn to formulate questions, design an investigation, execute  this  investigation, interpret the data and use the evidence to generate  explanations.
 Students will utilize a physical model to help them understand an event.
 Students will use measurement and mathematics to quantify the position of  an object.
 Physical Science - Content Standard B
 The student will observe the motion and forces involved in projectile motion  leading to  enhanced understanding of the laws of motion and behavior of  objects.
 Students will further their understanding of the properties and changes of  properties of  matter by executing a chemical reaction and reporting on their  results.
 Students will study the transfer of mechanical energy.
 Students will analyze the motion of a projectile and deduce its' starting  position.

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