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Activity 2 Inferring Height From Bone Length
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 General Science
 Numerical Data Analysis
 Biology/Life Science
 Anatomy; Relationship between bone length and height; Relationship  between  gender, age, race, and height.


 Science as Inquiry- Content Standard A
 The student develops the abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry by using   mathematics as a tool. Mathematics is essential to asking and answering  questions  about the natural world and in this activity mathematics is used  to gather, organize,  present data, and to structure convincing  explanations.
 Life Science - Content Standard C
 The student gains familiarity of the structure and function in living systems  by  working with the skeletal system of the body.
 Students will analyze evidence  of common ancestry through the comparison  of  skeletal structure.
 Students will investigate diversity in skeletal structure for gender, age, and  race.

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