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What Happened at Jamestown?

Why did the English colonists at Jamestown suffer food shortages during the winter of 1609-1610?

a) They were bad farmers
b) A severe drought damaged local crops & water supplies
c) Indians had stolen the settlers' food
d) Supply ships were never sent from England


What natural evidence did David Stahle use to answer question 1?


Time Travelers
  3. What evidence suggests the mummies found in China originated from Europe?

a) Facial features and fullness of beard.
b) textiles found with mummies
c) both of the above
d) none of the above

Along which route does Victor Mair believe the mummies came to China from the west 4000 years ago? Why is this controversial in China?



A Texan Tall Tale
  5. Where was the grave of Wild Bill Longley?

a) In a completely different cemetery than originally thought
b) In the Hispanic section of the original cemetery
c) Beneath the 1976 grave marker
d) Within feet of 1976 grave marker

List 3 specific pieces of forensic evidence that were used to identify the skeleton as that of Wild Bill Longley?


The Real Pyramid Builders

What unprecedented discovery did archeologists recently find near the Pyramids at Giza?




What does this discovery show about the place of these people in society?

a) they were treated with respect for their work
b) they were all treated equally
c) some of them performed hard labor during their lives.
d) All of the above
e) Only (a) and (c)

City of Gold

  9. Which artifacts suggest the people of Thulamela traded with people from far away?

a) glass beads and iron bells
b) copper and gold
c) both of the above
d) none of the above

Which two people were excavated at Thulamela? Why was this excavation significant?




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