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Alien Invasion


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The Silence of the Birds

Disaster on Guam
Read this informative article and watch this video about the birds on Guam.

Rare Bird Shows Pros and Cons of Captive Breeding
Find out more about the effort to reintroduce the Guam rail in this Environmental Defense Fund article

Area 50 Brown Tree Snake
A tremendous amount of information regarding the Guam rail, the brown tree snake and the general status of endangered species on Guam.

Don Nichols @ National Zoo
A Smithsonian Institution research report about Nichols' work with viruses and the brown tree snake population.

Brown Tree Snake
An article about Nichols' research from the National Zoo's publication Zoogoer

The Brown Tree Snake: A Fact Sheet for Pacific Island Residents
The mid-continent ecological science center, a division of the United States Geological Survey, provides some helpful information about the brown tree snake for both tourists and residents of the Pacific islands.

Amphibian Disease
Nichols has also been investigating the cause of a new amphibian diseases that has been threatening populations of toads and frogs, in the hopes of saving many rare species.

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