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Alien Invasion


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The Silken Tree Eaters

USDA Page on Asian Longhorn Beetle
This site provides many details, and many helpful links, on this alien species.

A Beetle Stowaway
Watch a video about the Asian longhorn beetle and find out what you can do to help prevent further infestations.

American Forests: Cities Under Siege
Learn how to spot an infested tree. Read this article from American Forests.

Asian Long-Horned Beetle
Facts and Photos about the Asian longhorn beetle. See what Ontario, Canada is doing to combat this alien invasion.

Gypsy Moth in North America
This page, prepared by the United States Department of Agriculture, explains the gypsy moth lifecycle, how it has spread, and what kind of management has been implemented. It also provides a history of Etienne Leopold Trouvelot, the scientist who brought this species to the states.

The GM Digest
This site, maintained by the USDA Forest Service, contains information about the gypsy moth - particularly, the USDA's suppression, eradication, and slow-the-spread projects.

The Gypsy Moth Home Page
Learn to distinguish a gypsy moth caterpillar from an astern tent or forest tent caterpillar. You can also learn how to cloth band your trees to protect them from the moth.

Slow the Spread Gypsy Moth Project
This group is dedicated to monitoring and actively working to alleviate the problems associated with the gypsy moth invasion.

Gypsy Moth Education
Educational materials about the gypsy moth provided by Michigan State University.

The Homeowner and the Gypsy Moth: Guidelines for Control
A guide for homeowners on limiting the destruction caused by gypsy moths.

Fungus Flare-up Causes Dramatic Drop in Gypsy Moth Population
Read more about natural population control for the gypsy moth in this National Biological Control Institute article.

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