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 Biology/Life Science:
 Asexual Reproduction;
 Roles of predators and grazers;
 Roles of producers and consumer;
 Biological methods of population control;
 Dissolved oxygen;
 Importance of substrate to plant growth


 Science as Inquiry- Content Standard A
 Students will use microscopes as a tool of observation.
 Students will model aquatic environments in order to better understand the  relationship between population diversity and invading species.
 Students will develop an understanding of identifying and controlling variables.
 Life Science - Content Standard C
 Students will investigate how specialized cells carry on functions that sustain life.
 Students will learn that some organisms reproduce asexually.
 Students will explore an organism's need for resources in order to sustain life.
 Students will observe a model ecosystem composed of various species and the  physical factors that affect that niche.
 Students will analyze the role and relationship between producers and consumers.
 Students will learn that sunlight is a major source of energy and that when it enters  ecosystems, producers turn it into an available resource.

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