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The Silence of the Birds


Why are the Guam rail and other birds native to Guam such easy prey for the brown tree snake?


How does Don Nichols hope to eradicate the brown tree snake from the island of Guam?

a) by shooting all the snakes
b) by capturing and relocating the snakes
c) by releasing a flu-like virus to kill the snakes
d) by poisoning the snakes with a snake-specific toxin.

Green Invader

Name two reasons why the invasive alga Caulerpa taxifolia has gained such a foot-hold in the Mediterranean Sea?



What are two ways humans have helped to spread the invasive Caulerpa in the Mediterranean and in California?




What does Alex Meinesz think might be the best way to get rid of Caulerpa in the Mediterranean?

a) killing it with chemicals
b) introducing a non-native Caulerpa-eating slug
c) physically removing the algae
d) blocking the Caulerpa's sunlight.

The Silken Tree Eaters

How are biologists attempting to keep the Asian longhorned beetle from spreading beyond New York City and Chicago?

a) chipping affected trees and treating nearby trees with pesticides
b) releasing a virus to kill the beetles
c) introducing a predator that eats the beetle
d) passing laws against trading with Asia


What was one unwelcome consequence of attempts to control gypsy moths biologically?



Dust Busting

How did the fungus killing the Caribbean sea fans arrive in the region?

a) brought over by ships
b) carried on the feet of tourists
c) accidentally released by scientists
d) carried on dust particles blown over from Africa


What human behavior may play a role in increasing the occurrence of the answer to Question #8?




According to new research, what human ailment might also be caused by the answer to Question #8?





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