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Growing Up Different


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Breaking the Shell

Geraldine Dawson's Home Page at the University of Washington

Center for the Study of Autism
This site provides an overview of autism in many different languages, information about related disorders, helpful advice for siblings of autistic children and much more.

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Stay up-to-date with the latest autism-related news releases, research developments and publications

Unraveling the Deep, Daily Mysteries of Autism
This Seattle Times cover story is a revealing look at a parent's feelings about his son's autism

Families for Effective Autism Treatment
This all-volunteer, non-profit organization provides a community for parents of children with autism, educators and behavior intervention specialists

Temple Grandin
Learn more about Temple Grandin, the well-known autistic author and inventor of facilities meant to encourage more humane methods for slaughtering animals.

Thinking in Pictures-Autism and Visual Thought
Read the first chapter of Temple Grandin's Book Thinking in Pictures.

My Experiences with Visual Thinking: Sensory Problems and Communication Difficulties
This paper written by Temple Grandin covers her experiences with autism, including difficulty with communication, sensory problems and visual thinking. She also discusses the continuum of autism subtypes and how her own autism fits into this spectrum


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