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Friendly Genes


List three characteristics of people with Williams Syndrome.

(Elfin faces, extremely social, skilled at recognizing faces, mental retardation)


What causes Williams Syndrome?

(a genetic deletion on chromosome 7)

Breaking the Shell

What is the key characteristic of autism?

a) mental retardation
b) difficulties with social interaction
c) poor language skills
d) poor spatial skills.



What did brain scans reveal about autistic brains compared to normal brains?

a) they are larger than average
b) they are smaller than average
c) they are average sized
d) none of these.


"Each Sound is a Present"

How does is a cochlear implant different from a hearing aid?

(Hearing aid merely amplifies sound, while cochlear implant stimulates the auditory nerve directly.)


Which path does sound now take from the outside world to Kelly's brain?

a) Computer processor-> Microphone-> cochlear implant-> brain.
b) Microphone behind her ear-> cochlear implant->computer processor-> brain
c) Mircophone behind her ear->portable computer processor -> cochlear implant-> brain.
d) None of these.



Finding Her Voice

Why can't Kara Johansen speak?

a) she's deaf
b) she's autistic
c) she has muscular dystrophy
d) she has cerebral palsy



How does Kara communicate today?

(A camera mounted on her computer allows her to use her head as a computer mouse to type out sentences which the computer then reads aloud.)


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