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Philippe Afriat specializes in sports cardiology and sports injury medicine. A native of France, he studied medicine in Nice, Lille, Marseille and Paris. Afriat has been responsible for the health and well-being of some of the world's elite athletes, including airplane pilots, soccer and rugby players, skaters, runners, martial artists and, of course, divers.

A professor of sports physiology and cardiology at the University of Nice, Afriat also works at the Regional Center of Biology and Sports Medicine, also in Nice. His research focuses on how oxygenation, stress, and training effect diving performance. A free-diving enthusiast himself, Afriat works with AIDA, the international free-diving federation. He monitors the health and safety of the French National team in competitions around the world. His patients include world champions Loic Leferme, Pierre Frolla and Claude Chapuis.

Afriat also works with the French Ministry of Sport in its anti-drug and policy-making efforts.


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