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On the Ball


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Baseball Tech

Umpires getting high-tech help on balls and strikes
Read about the QuesTec's Umpire Information System on the Association of Minor League Umpires' Web site.

QuesTec Sports Technology Home Page
Learn more about the Umpire Information System and other sports technologies being developed by QuesTec.

Science of Baseball
This is a fantastic site with activities, games, and information about the science behind baseball.

Acoustics of Baseball Bats
This article discusses the correlation between hitting a ball with the sweet spot of a baseball bat and the resulting sound you hear.

The Physics of Baseball Pitching
Learn how drag coefficients affect the physics of baseball pitching.

Baseball Home Run Simulator
See how changing the speed and angle at which you hit a ball changes its trajectory.
Information on how to use the simulator

Stepping Up to the Plate
Read more about Jim Sherwood's research on why professional baseball players are hitting more home runs than ever.

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