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A Quiet Eye


Where do most novice golfers look when they are putting?

a) at the cup
b) at the head of the golf club
c) at their hands
d) at the ball


Where do more experienced golfers' eyes go?

Brainy Putting

Why does Debbie Crews ask Alan to stand on the balance board?



Why does professional golfer Tina Tombs have difficulty performing in the lab?

a) she is an unskilled player
b) she chokes under her own high expectations
c) she's injured
d) she's letting Alan win

Baseball Tech

The technology for Umpire Information System was originally designed to do what?

a) Monitor drivers' speeds
b) Determine winners in close horse races
c) Help pilots land planes
d) Track missiles


What are two ways wooden bats and aluminum bats differ?


No Limit

What are two of the physical responses experienced by free divers?


What are these responses known as?

a) the dive response
b) vertigo
c) apnea
d) the bends

NOTE: Quizzes with 100% correct answers can be entered by teachers only into our T-shirt drawing. FRONTIERS randomly selects 20 names after each program. Send all correct quizzes in one envelope, along with teacher's name, grade and course, school name and address, where the students watched the show (home or school), and the students' favorite segment. Mail to: FRONTIERS Quiz, Chedd-Angier Production Company, 70 Coolidge Hill Rd., Watertown, MA 02472.



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