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Beneath the Sea

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Show credits

PROGRAM #1207, "Beneath the Sea"
AIRDATE: May 14, 2002


Alan Alda

Written, produced and directed by
John Angier
David Huntley
Andrew Liebman

Edited by
David Berenson
David Huntley

Associate Producers
Jeannie Choi
Dan Lyons
Rebecca Marvil

Peter Hoving

Additional Underwater Photography
Ernie Kovacs
ANdrew Liebman

G. John Garrett
Flora Moon
Mark McLaughlin

Animation and Graphics
Alan Morin

Randy Roos

Online Editor
Bill Kenney

Sound Mixer
Steve Sherrick

Post Production Supervisor
Warren Jones

Production Manager
Joe Laney

Special Thanks
JASON Foundation for Education
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration
National Archives and Records Administration
National Geographic Television
Wildlife Conservation Society


Producer Nancy Caulfield
Associate Producer Jacqueline Mitchell
Web Developer Polly Hanson
Lead Designer Mark Ostrander
Mutimedia Designer Eric Pestana
Illustrator Adam Kelley
Programmer Ya Chun Lin
Technical Producer Kirsten Holmes

Promotion Director
Tina Vaz

Business Manager
Rosalie Berger

Production Secretary
Susan Matthews

For Scientific American magazine
Rolf Grisebach, Chairman
Gretchen Teichgraeber, President and CEO
John Rennie, Editor in Chief

Supervising Editor
David Berenson

Executive Producers
John Angier
Graham Chedd

Presented by Connecticut Public Television

Produced in Association with Scientific American Magazine

© 1990-2002 The Chedd-Angier Production Company, Inc. All rights reserved.



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