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Beneath the Sea


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Into the Deep...A Scientific Revolution

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Learn more about the research being conducted at the largest independent oceanographic institution in the world

Learn more about ALVIN on the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's Web site. The site includes an illustrated history of ALVIN, photos, and related links

Voyage to the Deep
Meet scientists and learn more about the geology, creatures, and chemistry of the deep-sea.

Hydrothermal Vents
Find out more about the impact that hydrothermal vents have on the environment around them.

Creatures of the Thermal Vents
Learn more about the biology associated with the hydrothermal vents

Plate Tectonics
A comprehensive history and description of plate tectonics presented by the United States Geological Society

RIDGE links for Non-Scientists
This page offers links to a host of great deep-sea exploration sites around the Web.

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  Into the Deep: A Scientific Revolution  
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  Into the Deep: Remote Control Exploration  
  Creatures of the Mid-Ocean  
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