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Beneath the Sea
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 Life Science :
 Deep-Sea/Vent Ecosystems, Chemosynthesis
 Physical Science:
 Properties of Matter, Tension, Buoyancy of Water, Buoyancy of Air,  Balanced/Unbalanced Forces


 Robotics in Deep-Sea Exploration


 Science as Inquiry- Content Standard A
 Scientific explanations will be based on observational evidence and modeling.
 Physical Science - Content Standard B
 Students will investigate properties of matter such as magnetism.
 Life Science - Content Standard C
 Students will explore the biotic and abiotic factors that affect deep-sea niches and  the resources needed to sustain ecosystems.
 Science and Technology - Content Standard E
 Students will appreciate that technology allows scientists to observe and study  objects and events that have never before been observed.
 Science in Personal and Social Perspectives - Content Standard F
 Students will analyze the risk and benefit of using robotics as a tool of data collection.

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