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  1. How do the wheeled soccer playing robots know where they are in relation to their teammates, their competitors, the ball and the goal?

  2. What is the difference between the wheeled-robot soccer players and the robotic dog players?

  3. Which of the following is NOT a useful innovation demonstrated at the 2001 RoboCup competition?

    a) More efficient kicking styles.
    b) Whistling to let teammates know each other's location.
    c) A spinning bar that puts backspin on the ball, allowing players to "dribble" the ball backwards.
    d) The use of sports psychology to "psyche out" the other team.

  4. How are the submarines powered?

    a) Combustion engines.
    b) Electric engines.
    c) Human pedaling.
    d) Solar power.

  5. List two factors that allowed the sub Omer-4 to set a new world record.

  6. How do these submarines come to a stop once they cross the finish line?

    a) The pilots step on the break.
    b) The subs run out of gas.
    c) Navy divers "catch" the subs.
    d) The subs are captured in a huge net.

  7. What do the MIT students' robots have to do to win?

    a) Destroy their opponent's robot.
    b) Pull their own side of the balance beam down.
    c) Knock their opponent off of the balance beam.
    d) Push their own side of the balance beam up.

  8. List the two design constraints on the machines the students may build.

  9. Which design strategy is the ultimate winner?

    a) A piston that jacks up the beam.
    b) A carpet grabber that pulls the beam down.
    c) A car with a telescoping arm.
    d) A bulldozer that knocks off its competitors.

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