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Body Building
Teaching Guide
Activity 1: Grades 5-8
Modeling Breathing Action


National Science Standards and Curriculum Links
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 Life Science:
 Respiratory System, Muscle Structure and Function, Electrical Impulse in Muscle Function,  Medical Technology
 Physical Science:
 Electricity, Air Pressure


 Science as Inquiry- Content Standard A
 Students will use models to explain cause and effect relationships. They will base their  explanations on observation, logic, and personal experience.
 Physical Science - Content Standard B
 Students will explore electrical energy and its circuitry through the human body.
 Students will investigate how energy can be transferred from one form to another.
 Students will observe unbalanced forces and identify the forces causing change in motion.
 Life Science - Content Standard C
 Students will study the structure and function of the respiratory system. They will see the  importance of function at a cellular and system level.
 Students will learn about how organisms respond to external and internal stimulus in a  complex way that involves multiple systems.
 Science and Technology- Content Standard E
 Students will model a technological design and understand how technology plays a role in  scientific solutions to human problems.



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