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A Different Way to Heal?

Science Hotline

Do you have a question for a scientist featured in the latest episode of FRONTIERS? Here's your chance to stand in Alan Alda's shoes. Click on a scientist's name below to read a brief bio and to e-mail your question. A selection of answers will be posted online.

Please e-mail your questions before June 18th, 2002

Wally Sampson   clarifies the attraction of alternative medicine in "A Day with Wally Sampson"
Eric Small   attempts to sort fact from fiction in "Herbal Hope."
John Badanes   shows Alan Alda why he left chiropractic in "Adjusting the Joints"
Robert Baratz   raises concerns about the safety of chiropractic manipulation in "Adjusting the Joints"
Gerard Clum   explains the benefits of chiropractic in "Adjusting the Joints"
John Longhurst   investigates the physiological effects of acupuncture in "Needles and Nerves"
Emily Rosa   puts therapeutic touch practitioners to the test in "Healing Touch."


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