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  1. How was the bias produced in this activity?
    (The bias was generated by the deceitful description of the sixth sense. By telling the individuals that a human energy field really existed, they most likely came to believe that they were able to detect such a field. It was strictly their belief that gave them this ability - a belief that was further reinforced by the visual clues they received.)
  2. Did your subjects demonstrate a bias? If so, how?
    (Answers will vary, but many people will concur that they did detect the "energy field.")
  3. Why was it important to keep your hand at least several inches above the subject's hand?
    (To avoid creating air currents that might be detected by the sense of touch)
  4. Why was a blindfold used in the second part of this activity?
    (The blindfold ruled out the visual clues.)
  5. Did your subject's ability to "detect" the energy field change when blindfolded? In what way?
    (Most likely, subjects were less accurate in detecting the energy field once they were no longer getting the visual clues, revealing the subject's unconscious connection between what they see and what they feel.



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