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Unearthing Secret America
  Teaching Guide

Activity 3: Grades 5-8

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What Happened at Jamestown?

1. Why did the English colonists at Jamestown suffer food shortages during the winter of 1609-1610?

a) They were bad farmers
b) A severe drought damaged local crops & water supplies
c) Indians had stolen the settlers' food
d) Supply ships were never sent from England

2. What natural evidence did David Stahle use to answer question 1?
(Tree-ring records of annual rainfall

3. Name three facts forensic scientists derived from the skeleton dubbed "JR."
( 1. Pelvis says he's male 2.Skull and teeth say he's European 3. Right shin bone indicates he had been shot.)

Bought and Sold in Williamsburg

4. In what year did Colonial Williamsburg begin portraying the lives of slaves for the public?

a) 1774
b) 1934
c) 1945
d) 1979

5. What archeological feature has become a classic sign of slave housing?
(Sub-floor pits)

6. What are two possible uses for the answer to #5?
(Root cellar, Storage for personal items)

7. Name two objects discovered in the answer to #5 that reveal something about the lives of slaves.
(Bones of fish and game, Gun parts, Medicines, Ritual objects)

Thos. Jefferson, Slave-Master

8. What important document drafted by Jefferson asserts that "all men are created equal?"

a) the U.S. Constitution
b) the First Amendment
c) the Declaration of Independence
d) none of these

9. Name two features of Jefferson's home that kept his slaves hidden from view.
(Underground passages, wine elevator)

10. According to Fraser Neiman, what major economic change led to big changes in the lives of slaves at Monticello?
(Collapse of the tobacco market. )

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