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Unearthing Secret America



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The Show "Unearthing Secret America" will air October 8, 2002, until then, take a look at these related stories from the Frontiers Archive:

A Texan Tall Tale
Did legendary gunfighter Wild Bill Longley escape the hangman's noose?

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Archeology Decade
A decade of Frontiers stories which reveal the past -- Chinese mummies, Egyptian tombs, Viking longboats, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Custerís Last Stand.

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Copper Island
Bronze Age copper smelters are excavated and reconstructed on the island of Cyprus. Then the researchers try to make them work.

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City of Gold
Excavations uncover the first royal tribal burial in southern Africa, revealing a rich and little-known 13th century trading culture.

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Digging Up the Past
Excavations in Turkmenistan have uncovered the Bactrians - an unknown desert civilization that flourished around the time of the Pharaohs.

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