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The Intimate Machine



Justine Cassell
Cassell's home page on the MIT web site. Includes a brief bio and links to her research and interests.

Street Cred
Karen Eng reviews the book Cassell co-edited, From Barbie to Mortal Kombat. From the March, 1999 issue of Wired magazine.

Junior Summit
A Wired magazine column co-written by Cassell about her work with children around the world, examining the pro's and con's of closing the digital divide.

The LINGUIST List: Ask a Linguist
An Internet network for professional linguists as well as a resource that allows the public to post a question involving language to a panel of linguists. Includes FAQ's, such as "Can I teach my toddler to be bi-lingual?"

What Is Linguistics?
The University of Rochester's Linguistics Department provides a useful definition of linguistics, as well as links to more information about the discipline.

Bruce Blumberg
Find more on Blumberg's work with synthetic characters at his MIT home page.

Ted Selker
Learn more about Selker's research, prototypes, publications, art and design at his MIT home page.

Rebel Without a Pause
Ted Selker is one of eight innovators profiled in Wired magazine in May, 1997. By Steve G. Steinberg.

Lab Rat: Ted Selker's new bully pulpit
Ted Selker tells Red Herring what he's learned in his years in corporate labs. By Phil Harvey. From July 13, 2000.

Does HAL Cry Digital Tears?
Picard's contribution to "HAL's Legacy," the web site companion to the book published to commemorate the fictional computer's birthday.

Cynthia Breazeal
Read more about the director of the Robotic Life Group at the MIT Media Lab.

Stan Winston Studio
Home page of the Hollywood special effects studio that collaborated with Breazeal for the film A.I.

The Robot That Loves People
A Discover magazine profile of Kismet, Breazeal's emotional infant robot. By Douglas Whynott.

Does Cynthia Breazeal Dream of Electric Kids?
Breazeal's creations go Hollywood. A profile of the prolific scientist by Brendan Gibbon.

Organic robot mimics sea life
A September 2002 news article about another of Breazeal's projects- a robot that behaves like a sea anemone.

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