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The Intimate Machine
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Activity 3
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1) Name two ways REA the Real Estate Agent differs from her "grandfather" Gandalf.


2) What are the benefits children derive from playing with Sam?

a) improved eye-hand coordination
b) more sophisticated language use
c) better musical ability
d) increased attention span


3) Alan teaches Duncan the virtual dog to do what on command?

a) sit
b) stay
c) jump
d) herd sheep


4) The scientists use Duncan the virtual dog to model intelligence.What do they model with the virtual wolf pups?


5) What will the virtual wolf pups teach the computer scientists?

a) how to teach wolves to howl
b) how to teach people to howl like wolves
c) how to teach people to train wolves
d) how to teach computers to learn from experience

6) How does the floor in Ted Selker's office track each person's movements?



7) Which of these biological cues can computers use to monitor a human's moods?

a) Tension in jaw muscle
b) Sweatiness of palms
c) Rate of eye blinking
d) All of these


8) How many moving parts does Leonardo have?



9) Who currently controls Leonardo's movements?

a) a computer
b) a robot
c) puppeteers
d) none of these


10) What is the purpose of making a robot so lifelike and appealing?

a) to make people want to interact with it
b) to make people want to buy it
c) to prove robots are smarter than people
d) none of these

NOTE: Only teachers may enter 100% correct quizzes into the FRONTIERS Contest. FRONTIERS will draw one entry randomly after each program. The selected student will receive a Walkalong Glider, signed by Tyler and Paul MacCready Send all correct quizzes in one envelope, along with teacher's name, grade and course, school name and address, where the students watched the show (home or school), and the students' favorite segment. Mail to: FRONTIERS Quiz, Chedd-Angier Production Company, 70 Coolidge Hill Rd., Watertown, MA 02472.

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