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Prairie Comeback

Tallgrass Prairie Preserve
An informative site documenting the Nature Conservancy's efforts to restore the Oklahoma prairie at the Tallgrass Preserve.

Adopt a Bison
Find out here how you can help the Nature Conservancy restore the prairie ecosystem by adopting and supporting a bison.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
News and information about the National Park Service's efforts to preserve and restore the prairie.

Butler University Prairie
An in-depth site from Butler University's reserve, which serves as an outdoor laboratory for ecology courses. Includes a list of species native to the prairie, photos and links to other sources.

Inter-tribal Bison Cooperative
The history of, and general information about the 42-tribe coalition of Native Americans to restore the relationship between bison and many Native American tribes.

The Second Earth

Columbia University Biosphere 2 Center
The home page for Columbia University's Biosphere 2. Includes news and information about current research, as well as teaching materials, a virtual tour and visiting information.

Recycling Biosphere 2
A 1997 Popular Mechanics feature article about the Columbia University's efforts to raise the Biosphere experiment from the ashes.

EPA Global Warming Site
An in-depth site from the Environmental Protection Agency. Includes information about the climate, emissions and public policy. Also includes resources for educators, health professionals, small businesses and more.

The EPA Global Warming Kids Page
Focuses on the science and impact of global warming and climate change. Includes sections such as "Stuff for Teachers" and "So What's the Big Deal?" as well as interactive games and links.

Executive Summary - Climate Change
The Bush Administration's stance and policies on global warming.

Stormy Weather
Floods, droughts, hurricanes and disease outbreaks -- an expert explains why climate changes give us yet another reason to find terror in the skies. A interview by Suzy Hansen.

Raven's World

Time Magazine Profile's Peter Raven
Time recently named Peter Raven one of its "Heroes for the Planet." Note: Opens with audio.

Interview with Dr. Peter Raven:
A National Park Service interview in which Raven discusses achieving global sustainability. From June 11, 2002. By Diane Liggett.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife - Division of Endangered Species
A wealth of information about America's endangered plants and animals. (For more on this topic, also visit our Web Feature Endangered America.)

Endangered!: Exploring a World at Risk
This online version of a 1997 exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History illuminates the overall importance of biodiversity. Provides detailed information on several endangered species and their habitats.


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