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Deep Crisis


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Tagging Reveals Details of Tuna's Transatlantic Travels.

New research is revealing the true scope of the tuna's wanderlust. A report on a study by Stanford University researcher Barbara A. Block.

Chemical Clues in Salmon's Bony Tissues Provide Natural Tag for Tracking
Nature has a built-in tagging system for Atlantic salmon that yields more information than conventional identification systems do, according to new findings presented at a meeting of the Ecological Society of America.

Sex Changed Salmon
A report in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, suggests that in chinook salmon spawning in the Columbia River, 84 percent of fish that appeared to be female have been 'sex-reversed' and are in fact genetically male.

Running The Dam Gauntlet
Every year recently spawned salmon, steelhead trout and other fish make their way down the Columbia River, on the Oregon-Washington state border. As they do, they attempt to run a sometimes lethal gauntlet of six to eight hydroelectric dams. In the name of science, a rubber fish serves as stunt double.

Ask the Experts

Why do some fish normally live in freshwater and others in saltwater? How can some fish adapt to both?


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