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Deep Crisis
  Teaching Guide

Activity 1: Grades 5-8
Salmon Homing

Image of salmon

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 Physical Science

Properties of gases
Concentrate and dilute

 Life Science

Factors affecting salmon populations
Genetic links in salmon spawning
Function of scent in spawning


 Science as Inquiry- Content Standard A

Models will help students understand cause/effect relationships and build a context for new information.

Students will practice communicating scientific procedures and explanations. They will gain competency in following instructions, describing observations, communicating experimental methods, and summarizing their results and the results of other groups.

 Physical Science- Content Standard B

Students will investigate how substances can be diluted or concentrated.

 Life Science - Content Standard C

Students will reinforce that reproduction is essential to sustain life and population growth.

Students will study sexual reproduction and the passage of genetic information from parent to offspring.

Students will actively investigate how an organism responds behaviorally to an external, environmental stimulus.

Students will learn about biotic and abiotic factors that are changing a niche and how these changes threaten to decrease population growth.



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