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A Different Way to Heal
Brainwaves Lift the Blues

Expectation Pays
Snuffing the Sniffles
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A Different Way to Heal

Anne Harrington's home page

Includes information about the courses she teaches as a professor of the history of science and links to her published work.

Charles Rosenberg's home page

Includes information about the courses he teaches as a professor of the history of science and links to his published work.

History of Science Department at Harvard University

Information about scholarship at this interdisciplinary department.

National Library of Medicine: History of Medicine
Contains more than 10,000 important documents detailing major medical research in the 20th Century. Includes "Profiles in Science" of biomedical researchers such as Linus Pauling and Barbara McClintock.

BBC's History of Medicine
This educational and entertaining site from the British Broadcasting Corporation features articles on Victorian medical breakthroughs and the small pox, as well as an interactive timeline of medicine through time.

Brainwaves Lift the Blues

Andrew Leuchter

Leuchter's homepage at UCLA's Center for Integrative Medicine. Includes biographical information, links to relevant research and publication citations.

National Institute of Mental Health - Depression
A comprehensive resource containing the facts on depression; who has it, what causes it, how to treat it.

Placebo, Antidepressant May Lift Depression Via Common Mechanism
A report on an National Institute of Mental Health study on depression and placebo. From May, 2002.

On depression, placebo proves helpful

A Philadelphia Inquirer report on Duke University research. April 10, 2002. By Marie McCullough.

Placebo in Clinical Trials for Depression - Complexity and Necessity

An editorial from the Journal of the American Medical Association about the complexity of studying depression and placebo. Published April 10, 2002. By David J. Kupfer, MD; Ellen Frank, PhD

Expectation Pays

Jon Stoessl

Jon Stoessl's home page at the University of British Columbia. Includes information about his research and publications.

Parkinson's Disease Foundation, Inc
An overview of Parkinson's disease, with links to symptoms and treatments. Includes links and on-line communities.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) Parkinson's Disease Information Page

Features news about future and on-going Parkinson's research, information about charitable organizations and references to publications.

The placebo effect in Parkinson's disease
An article reviewing recent research on Parkinson's and the placebo effect. Published June 9, 2001. By Maureen McHugh.

Snuffing the Sniffles

Ronald B. Turner

Ronald Turner's home page at the University of Virginia Health System

The Common Cold- NIAID fact sheet
Get the facts about the common cold from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Common Cold
A comprehensive site featuring facts and new research findings about the common cold. Edited by Jack M. Gwaltney, MD and Frederick G. Hayden, MD

Soup Is Good For What Ails You

A researcher determines how mom's chicken soup may really help cure the common cold. February 19, 2001. By Peter Jaret.

Echinacea herb no cure for common cold
A report on recent research findings on the popular herbal remedy. Published December 16, 2002.

Healing Rituals

Ancient Healing

PBS's Gail Harris interviews Ted Kaptchuk about the art of healing throughout human history.

American Academy of Medical Acupuncture
Contains general information and research on acupuncture, as well as resources to find a practitioner and answer frequently asked questions.

Science has an explanation for placebos

An article from The Economist about Fabrizio Benedetti's research on placebo and pain at the University of Turin. Published February 21, 2002.



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