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Activity 3: Grades 5-8
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)The "fight or flight" response is the physiological response to what?

c) stress

2) How is primates' response to stress different from that of antelopes?

Can be chronic in primates, Can be reaction to social factors, not physical danger. Antelopes physiology returns to normal when immediate threat has passed.

3) Which of the following is the MOST important predictor of stress levels in baboons?

a) personality

4) What do the scientists use to determine stress levels in the antelopes, baboons, macaques and people being studied?

Stress hormone levels in the blood, heart rate, blood pressure.

5) Of the macaques in Jay Kaplan's lab, which suffer from greater stress, the dominant or submissive males?


6) Of the macaques in Kaplan's lab, what impact did greater stress have on the animals' health?

b) the stressed animals had twice the artery clogging

7) Working with married couples, researchers studied how stress negatively affected which of the following:

c) the immune system

8) Working with stressed out students, the researchers found what remedy could counteract the physiological affects of stress?

Guided relaxation techniques

9) When Hari Mandir Kaur Khalsa meditates in the MRI, what part of her brain appears more active?

a) amygdala

10) As she meditates, Hari Mandir's breathing slows from 12 breaths per minute to 4. Does simply slowing one's breath affect the brain the same way as meditation?

No. People who mechanically slowed their breath without meditation did not show the same brain activity as the people who meditated.

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