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Losing It
  Teaching Guide

Activity 1: Grades 9-12
Tasty Models

Image of molecule

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Glucose Model

  1. What are common features to all amino acids?
  2. Compare and contrast the composition of an amino acid to a sugar.
    (The "open" bonds from neighboring sugars join together and link the side-by-side sugars into a dissacaride)
  3. From what you can observe in the molecular structure, can dehydration synthesis also produce long chains of amino acids? Explain.
    (Water would cause neighboring sugars to unlink in a reverse reaction to dehydration synthesis)

Saturated and Unsaturated Fats

  1. When saturated, how many different atoms can a carbon bond to?
  2. What must be added to an unsaturated chain, in order to make it saturated?
  3. Infer the structural feature of a "polyunsaturated fat".
    (The fat molecule has more than one double bond in its structure).




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