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Solid Hydrogen Storage System
Photo of Hydrogen storage system
If hydrogen is going to be the fuel of the future, society will need an easy and safe way to transport and store it. Stan thinks he's hit on the solution with his solid hydrogen storage system. It's a metal hydride solid which can be stored in a granular, inert form in compact tanks. It's as easy to fuel up a vehicle with this solid hydrogen as it is to gas up a conventional car. When the car needs fuel, a little energy from the battery system heats up the solid and releases hydrogen gas. Solid hydrogen is currently powering some internal combustion engines on modified Toyota Priuses, and Ovshinsky hopes it will spur fuel cell implementation.


Ideas still in the R&D phase
Defintion of the Ovshinsky Effect
A couple decades past when most people start thinking retirement, Stan shows no sign of slowing down. His company is working on what they're calling a regenerative fuel cell. They say it will be more affordable than current fuel cells because of the materials it's made of, and that it will be able to operate in a much wider temperature range - but they're keeping quiet about the details until all the patents are in. Stan also spends plenty of time on his pet project, a cognitive computer which he says is the next generation of smart computer. Stan's original insight into amorphous and disordered materials came from modeling neurons and how brains work, so it's a natural progression to tackle a cognitive computer.

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