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Future Car

History of the Automobile
Lnks to information about early inventors.

GM's AUTOnomy
GM's page on its AUTOnomy concept vehicle which is the basis for the Hywire car.

Challenge Bibendum 2004
Website for Michelin's annual Challenge Bibendum, where car makers compete to create vehicles that embody "sustainable mobility."

How Hybrid Cars Work
A detailed article from How Stuff Works about hybrid cars and the way their gas engines and electric motors work together efficiently.

Toyota Prius
Toyota's website for its hybrid Prius sedan.

Clean Diesel Program
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Diesel Program webpage has information about emissions regulations and standards.

Public Health and Pollution
The American Lung Association is one group that lobbies for stricter controls of diesel exhaust. This webpage explains the health risks associated with diesel particulate air pollution.

Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory
Dan Kammen is the director of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley. Check out their website to see what projects they are currently working on.

This is the homepage for the tzero electric car, which can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. Tzero was a big favorite at the Challenge Bibendum.

GM's EV1 electric car is no longer on the road, but you can still check out its specifications on this website.

Fuel Cell Technology
Ballard Power Systems produces proton exchange membrane fuel cells. This website describes some different types of fuel cells and briefly describes how they work.

The California Fuel Cell Partnership
This website has information about how fuel cells work, as well as the Partnership's projects getting fuel cell vehicles on the road in California.

The Hydrogen Economy
This E Magazine article by hydrogen enthusiast Jeremy Rifkin gives a lot of information about how hydrogen could meet the world's energy needs - and why the author thinks it's a good idea.

How the Hydrogen Economy Works
How Stuff Works has a good page about what's called the Hydrogen Economy. There is a long list of resource links as well.

TExaco-OvonicTM Solid Hydrogen Storage Systems
The solid hydrogen storage system Stan Ovshinsky worked on is being advanced by the Texaco Ovonic Hydrogen Systems partnership. Its webpage explains a little more how hydrogen is stored as a solid.

Hydrogen Economy
Read a BBC story about Iceland's hydrogen economy and why hydrogen is starting to look like an obvious choice to meet the energy needs of this unique nation.


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