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The Dark Side of the Universe


Max Tegmark's webpage:
This site has links to Max Tegmark's descriptions of his research on cosmology as well as links to lots of scientific and popular articles he's written.

Check out the Space Telescope Science Institute's site on everything related to the Hubble Space Telescope. There are plenty of pictures, descriptions of the instruments onboard the Hubble and all the latest news from this telescope.

Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe:
This NASA site gives you all kinds of information about the WMAP project. You can see the microwave picture of the infant universe, and learn how scientists used the probe to develop it.

Chuck Bennett's webpage:
This site provides a history of the cosmology projects Chuck Bennett has worked on and citations for a number of scientific papers.

Expanding Universe:
This online article from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications provides some basics of cosmology. Learn more about how scientists think about the expanding universe and the Hubble constant.

Big Bang Cosmology Primer:
This page provides an in depth description of the dominant scientific theory about the origin of the universe, as well as information on some of the questions that remain outstanding in cosmology.

How Telescopes Work:
Find out more about the how telescopes are able to magnify distant objects at this webpage.

Large Telescopes:
This webpage provides a list of the biggest telescopes that astronomers are working on. There are links to their individual pages, as well as information on their sizes and locations.

Las Campanas Observatory:
This is the website for the telescopes Alan Alda visited in Chile with Alan Dressler and colleagues. Check out more information on the telescope and see some photographs taken there.

Alan Dressler's webpage:
This site has a description of Alan Dressler's work investigating Dark Matter as well as a list of scientific publications.

Vera Rubin:
Here is biography of the cosmologist who discovered unexpected evidence of dark matter, in her own words.

Vera Rubin and Dark Matter:
This page provides a bit more information about exactly how Vera Rubin's astronomical observations implied the presence of dark matter in the universe.

Debra Fischer:
Find out more about the research and publications of this planet hunter.

California & Carnegie Planet Search:
This page has plenty of information about the planets that have been discovered outside of our solar system.

Spectra Lines:
This webpage explains why different atoms result in different emission lines in spectra.
2000/quantumzone/ UK

Dark Matter Collaboration:
This consortium of astrophysicists and particle physicists is on the hunt for Dark Matter. Follow the link to the Boulby Mine to see more about this underground detecting facility.

Dark Matter Mystery:
This 'Field Guide' explains the basics of why scientists believe in dark matter, and weighs the pros and cons for different candidates for what dark matter could be.

Dark Matter:
This page explains why Weakly Interacting Massive Particles might fit the bill for what dark matter is.

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center:
Find out more about how the accelerator works, the types of detectors the scientists use there, and the kind of conclusions they are drawing from experiments based at SLAC.

The Standard Model:
Read the basics of the system scientists use to think about particle physics.

Check out this description of supersymmetry and brush up on your particle physics terms.

Chris Smith's homepage:
Cerro Tololo-based astronomer Chris Smith lists links to the various projects he's involved in.

Nick Suntzeff's homepage:
Cerro Tololo-based astronomer Nick Suntzeff provides links to information about the supernova search as well as some historical photos.

Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory:
Learn more about what's going on at this telescope in Chlie.

Learn more about what supernovae are and what drives the explosion at this NASA webpage.

High Redshift Supernova Search:
This page from the Supernova Cosmology Project at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has lots of information and figures.

The Cosmological Constant:
This page explains how the cosmological constant fits into Einstein's theories of relativity and describes how it is used in contemporary cosmology.

Space Telescope Science Institute:
Check out tons of pictures of cosmic structures and learn more about the projects scientists are undertaking here.

Adam Riess article:
Find out more about an astronomer who discovered the expansion of the universe is speeding up in this short Time magazine article.

Mario Livio's homepage:
Find out more about this physicist and the books and projects he's worked on.

Dark Energy in the Accelerating Universe:
Click through this brochure to learn more about the discovery that the expansion of the universe is expanding and why scientists think it is happening.

SNAP page:
Explore what the Supernova/Acceleration Probe project hopes to accomplish.


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