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Coming Into America


Ancient Bones may rewrite history
John Johnson and Phil Orr discuss their work on the Arlington Springs Woman

John Johnson's webpage
Learn more about the research John Johnson is conducting at Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

Channel Islands National Park
Check out this visitor information about the Channel Islands that lie just off the coast in Southern California.

Jon Erlandson's webpage
This site provides a history of the archeological projects Jon Erlandson has worked on and citations for a number of scientific papers.

The Center for the Study of
the First Americans - Colonization Models

Learn about the various hypotheses for colonization of the Americas

Interview with Smithsonian Paleo-
Anthropologist Dennis Stanford

PaleoAmerican Origins
This article from the Smithsonian provides an overview of the evidence that the Clovis people were not the first Americans. It includes an extensive bibliography for further reading.

Bureau of Land Management - Archaeology
Check out this site for a list of the areas of archaeological interest all across the country managed by the BLM. You can plan your own visit!

Clovis Spear Point
Here's a photo of a recreation of the way a Clovis point would be attached to the reloadable spears hunters used.

The Gault Site
Read about this Clovis site in Texas where Michael Collins is working. Lots of pictures of artifacts and excavators.

The Topper Site: Beyond Clovis at Allendale
This article describes Al Goodyear's work at the Topper site in South Carolina. His finds are pushing the date for the first Americans further back in time.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Steve Holen is the Curator of Archaeology at the Museum. Find out more about their collections at this site.

Broken Mammoth Archaeological Project
Learn about the work being done by the state of Alaska at this site that has produced artifacts similar to Siberian and Russian sites. This is where Chuck Holmes and David Yesner have been excavating.

Solutrean France
This site has a few nice pictures of typical Solutrean points. The Solutreans are the people Dennis Stanford believes may have come from Southern Europe to North America perhaps 18,000 years ago.

Brewery Creek Small Boat Shop
boatbuilder Robert Morris runs this shop in Vancouver. He constructed a skin-on-frame umiak for Frontiers.

The Ice-Free Corridor Revisited
This article by Lionel Jackson describes the latest theories about the extent of the ice sheets in North America around the time people are imagined to have walked down from Beringia to the rest of the continent.

Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre
This museum in Whitehorse Canada has information about Beringia and the flora and fauna of thousands of years ago.

George "Rinaldino" Teichmann
This artist painted several pictures of ice age beasts used in "Coming Into America." Check out some of his other works. Studio
Check out some other works by the artist who created Frontiers' scene of the mammoth hunt.









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