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Cars That Think
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Daimler Chrysler Accident-Free Driving
Check out some of the projects Daimler Chrysler is pursuing to help drivers avoid accidents —and mitigate their effects.

Ford's Driver Distraction Lab
The VIRtual Test Track EXperiment VIRTTEX simulator lets scientists study real world-type driving conditions in a safe and controlled environment. Check out links to some of their research.

VIRTTEX Driving Simulator Slide Show
Some photos of the set up that helps Ford researchers figure how drivers pay attention to the road.

Does Cell Phone Conversation Impair Driving Performance?
This article from the National Safety Council website answers its own question in the affirmative. There are links to other pages about cell phones and driving safety.

Drowsiness Study with Ford VIRTTEX Simulator
This Ford press release describes some of the driver drowsiness research done with the VIRTTEX Simulator.

Drowsy Drivers Can Kill
An article from the Pennsylvania Turnpike website that details the dangers of drivers who dose off.

Audio Visual Speech Recognition
A description from IBM of their work to enhance speech recognition software by including a visual component.

Audio Visual Speech Technologies
More information and links to IBM's work in this field.


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