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Going Deep
Into The DeepDeep ScienceGreater Depths

National Deep Submergence Facility Vehicles
WHOI operates a number of submersibles for deep sea exploring.

Submersible Alvin
This 'Deep Sea Odyssey' page provides lots of information on Alvin — its structure, its history, and what it's like to work inside.

Robert Ballard's Institute for Exploration
Learn more about the projects Bob Ballard is involved with now — ranging from marine archaeology to geoscience.

Jules Verne's Nautilus
Explore different visions of the fictional Nautilus, described by Jules Verne in 1869.

The Evolution of Submarine Design
Checkout a timeline of submarine design, showing the different ways people have tried to go deep.

NOAA Ocean Explorer: Galapagos Rift
Scientists celebrated the 25th anniversary of the first trip to the Galapagos Rift by exploring the region in a new expedition. Find out about what they saw here.

Hydrothermal Vents
This WHOI website provides information on these deep sea underwater geysers.

The Deep Sea
Learn about conditions deep under the ocean's surface — and the organisms that flourish there.

Alvin Replacement
WHOI provides some information about what the replacement for Alvin will be like.

Underwater Vehicles in the Scientific Arena
Researchers discuss new developments in the field of underwater vehicles and atmospheric diving suits, and how they are utilized by some of our most respected scientific institutions.


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