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Understanding Travel Routes
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Representing Social Networks

Educator Notes

Activity 3: Grades 5-8 Representing Social Networks


  1. Examine the examples presented below for more information on how to read this chart.
  2. Examine the circular diagram that represents social networks of Bonzo and his community.
  3. Bonzo is a male. How many total males are in this community? (four) How many females are in this community? (three)
  4. Which animal had the most social interaction with Bonzo? (Coco)
  5. What was the nature of Coco's interaction with Bonzo? (mix between friendly and tense).
  6. Which animal was the most unfriendly to Bonzo? (Gizorp)
  7. Which gender had more interactions with Bonzo? (males)
  8. Which two animals had the least social interaction with Bonzo? (Joule and Zip)
  9. Which was the friendliest female? (Joule) The least friendly female? (Zip)

 Biology/Life Science:
 Behavior, Anatomy

 Science As Inquiry - Content Standard A
 Students should develop abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry.
 Students should develop an understanding about scientific inquiry.
 Life Science - Content Standard C
 Students should develop an understanding of regulation and behavior.
 Students should develop an understanding of diversity and adaptations of  organisms.
 Students should develop an understanding of structure and function in living  systems.


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