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Hot Planet - Cold Comfort
The Sea's Greatest RiverWater, Water EverywhereOnly a Little Ice Age

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Hot Planet -- Cold Comfort Part 1 - The Sea's Greatest River
The Gulf Stream is the great ocean conveyor belt that brings warmth from the tropics to the higher latitudes. But as more freshwater enters the seas in the north, this conveyor is in danger of shutting down.

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Hot Planet -- Cold Comfort Part 2 - Water, Water Everywhere
Where is all that fresh water coming from? Increased runoff from Russian Arctic rivers and increased melt from Alaskan glaciers, both thanks to global warming, are helping freshen the ocean.

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Hot Planet -- Cold Comfort Part 3 - Only a Little Ice Age
A slight climate cooling a few centuries ago led to a Little Ice Age that had devastating impacts on populations. Scientists study ocean sediments and ice cores to figure out what caused the temperature drop.

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