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Hydrogen Hopes
A Hydrogen SpongeFire and IceSunshine Hydrogen

Fuel Cells Explained
The National Fuel Cell Research Center provides information about how fuel cells work, as well as some of their benefits and applications.

The California Fuel Cell Partnership
This website has information about how fuel cells work, as well as the Partnership's projects getting fuel cell vehicles on the road in California.

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen
The Rocky Mountain Institute webpage has a wealth of information focusing on this energy issue.

Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Infrastructure Technologies Program

Here the Department of Energy provides information about the president's hydrogen initiative, as well as background on where the field stands now and where it's headed.

Ovonic Hydrogen Systems
Stan Ovshinsky's company is advancing his solid hydrogen storage technology. This webpage explains a little more about how they store hydrogen as a solid.

Hydrogen Economy
Read a BBC story about Iceland's emerging hydrogen economy and why hydrogen looks like an obvious choice to meet the energy needs of this unique nation.

The Hydrogen Economy: After Oil, Clean Energy From a Fuel-Cell-Driven Global Hydrogen Web
This E Magazine article by hydrogen enthusiast Jeremy Rifkin provides a lot of information about how hydrogen could meet the world's energy needs - and why the author thinks it's a good idea.

How the Hydrogen Economy Works
How Stuff Works has a good page about what's called the Hydrogen Economy. There is a long list of resource links as well.

Build Your Own Electrolyzer
Check out this page on how to generate your own small amount of hydrogen using easy-to-find parts.

Thin Film Photovoltaics
Stan Ovshinsky's company churns out miles of thin film photovoltaics. Visit their website to learn more about how their product differs from traditional crystalline solar panels.

GreenFuel Technologies Corporation
Isaac Berzin's company homepage provides some more information about their process to turn smokestack emissions into fuel.


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