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Hidden Motives
The Quest for CoolHidden PrejudiceTough Choices

Steve Quartz's Homepage
This page provides links to some of the work the Quartz group is doing at Caltech

How MRI Works
Learn more about the science behind MRI technology.

The Science of Shopping
Read an article about the emerging field of neuromarketing — using brain imaging technology to figure out consumer choices and hone marketing messages

Mahzarin Banaji's Homepage
Visit this site to learn more about Dr. Banaji and her research.

Project Implicit
Take a couple of tests on this website to see whether you really "know your mind" or implicit associations are lurking within. You can try the Gender-Science test, the Black-White race test and others here.

Hidden Bias
This website from explores the idea of unconscious stereotypes and prejudices and how to become aware of them.

Joshua Greene's Homepage
Here Dr. Greene provides information about his research in the field of moral psychology.

Jonathan Cohen's Homepage
Information about the work Dr. Cohen is doing at Princeton's Center for the Study of Brain, Mind and Behavior.

The Brain From Top to Bottom
Learn more about the prefrontal cortex - and the way development in this brain region sets human beings apart.s.



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