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Visit to Range Creek
In 1999, Ellen Sue Turner traveled to Range Creek and documented what she saw there in photographs. She includes many pictures of artifacts on this site.

Fremont Indian State Park and Museum
This state park allows visitors to explore petroglyphs in their natural environment. The museum holds numerous Fremont artifacts found in the excavation of pithouses and granaries in this area of southwestern Utah.

Utah's First Nations
Learn a bit more about the indigenous people of Utah at this site based on an exhibit at the Utah Museum of Natural History.

The Fremont People
Read an article that provides information on who the prehistoric Fremont people were. This Northern Arizona University site also provides an extensive bibliography.

Fremont Indian History and Culture
Information on where and how the Fremont people lived in Utah. Includes photos of artifacts, petroglyphs, and a reconstructed pithouse.

Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
NAGPRA is a federal law that mandates the return of certain Native American cultural items to modern descendents or culturally affiliated tribes. Learn more about how NAGPRA works here.

North American Prehistory
This site from Minnesota State University provides an overview of different groups of indigenous people who lived across North America. There is also an interesting timeline of archaeology and information about rock art.



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