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Robot Pals
RipleyLeonardo the LovableRobonaut

Making Robots More Like Us
Read an article from the "New York Times" about the way researchers are improving the way people and robots interact — and how that makes the robots more adaptable.

Cognitive Machines Group
Check out the projects this group at MIT's Media Lab are working on. Get background on Ripley and Toco and link to a number of scientific papers.

Deb Roy
This is Deb Roy's homepage, where he summarizes some of his research.

Word Learning
Toco is a robot that learned shape and color names in the same way that human babies do. Learn more and read scientific papers about the project here.

Kismet was Cynthia Breazeal's first sociable robot.

Learn more about Leonardo, the next generation in sociable robots

Stan Winston Studio
This Hollywood studio is going beyond making movie robot characters and is collaborating on creating sociable robots.

Cynthia Breazeal
Check what Cynthia Breazeal and her Robotic Life group at MIT are up to.

Robonaut is the humanoid robot NASA is developing to participate on astronaut teams in space. Learn more about the project and its anatomy here.



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