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Scientific American Frontiers


FRONTIERS Video Archive
Watch a favorite FRONTIERS story right on your computer with our searchable video archive.

On the Road
Join Alan Alda and the FRONTIERS crew as they travel the globe in the name of science.

Alan Recommends
Check out these suggestions from host and science buff Alan Alda.

Have fun with games and activities created by our Web team (Shockwave plugin may be required).

  • Running for the Shelter
    From Mother's Little Helper to Jane Fonda's workout—a cultural history of stress
  • The Mating Game
    And your thought that getting a date for the prom was tough? How birds find their mates
  • Coincidental Cures
    Learn what science has to say about once popular and trusted remedies

  • Earth on the Move
    Deep-ocean exploration has revealed the mechanism behind Earth's evolution—continental drift and plate tectonics
  • Impact: Great Moments in Global Climate Change
    Planet Earth hasn't always been so hospitible. From Primordial volcanoes to the industrial revolution, the global climate is always changing.
  • Artificial Alan
    What will they think of next? From electronic eyes to artificial blood, a virtual Alan demonstrates the latest in bionic innovations
  • Livin' in the Sea
    What lives at what depth and why? Test your know-how in this interactive game.
  • On the Ball
    Take your turn behind the plate in this sports trivia game with a science spin.
  • Tuning In
    What does the world sound like with a cochlear implant? Try one on for size.
  • America's Least Wanted
    Get the facts on the country's most devastating alien species.
  • Digging for Clues
    This skeleton lets you unearth the stories that get buried with the bones.
  • What the Nose Knows
    Think YOU know? Find out in this quiz.
  • Compute Your BMI
    Learn your Body Mass Index and what it could mean for your health.
  • Flying Firsts
    Tour a timeline detailing the milestones in human flight.
  • Primates Like Us
    Uncover the traits we share with our primate cousins.
  • Electronic Eyes
    Discover how bionics may one day help the blind see.
  • Endangered America
    What species are disappearing from your own backyard?
  • Taste Test
    Sample the where, what, and how of taste. Are you a supertaster?
  • Heart Stats
    Your heart is a remarkable performer. Test your knowledge of its vital statistics.
  • The Big Picture
    Find out how long the dinosaurs ruled the earth.
  • The Name Game
    Never forget a face? Use this game to improve your memory.
  • Map of the Mind
    Take a tour of the human brain.





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