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Photo of Lynn Fowler Lynn Fowler

Dr. Lynn Fowler is a naturalist who led the Frontiers expedition to the Galapagos on behalf of Lindblad Special Expeditions, the company hosting Frontiers during Voyage to the Galapagos. She first visited Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in 1976 and was captivated by the fearless island inhabitants and the start beauty of the volcanic archipelago. After receiving her master's degree in zoology from the University of Florida, studying sea turtles, she retured to the Galapagos and worked as one of the first female naturalist guides for the Galapagos National Park Service. Her research projects have covered feral burros and giant tortoises of Volcan Alcedo on Isbela Island, as well as the rainforest white-lipped peccary.

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Scientific American Frontiers
Fall 1990 to Spring 2000
Sponsored by GTE Corporation,
now a part of Verizon Communications Inc.