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Photo of Sherri Steward Sherri Steward

Sherri Steward, who served as a "cyber guide" to teachers and students throughout the Frontiers Galapagos expedition, is a biology and ecology teacher at Grapevine High School in Grapevine, Texas. The Galapagos trip is her latest undertaking in a distinguished teaching career. She has previously been honored with a Presidential Award in 1994, was named Earth Teacher of the Year (1992) by Time Magazine, and was awarded a 1989 GTE Growth Initiatives for Teachers (GIFT) grant fellowship. In addition to teaching at Grapevine High School, she directs her school district's environmental program, including the management of the EcoCenter Outdoor Learning Lab, an environmental education center that she and her students built. World-renowned biologist Jane Goodall attended the inauguration of the EcoLab and has since worked with Sherri to arrange internships for several of her students. Sherri has extensive field experience, having worked with orangutans at a wildlife sanctuary in the Bornean rainforest and helped coordinate a relief effort to fight cholera in Zambia.

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