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Photo of Walter Fasnacht Walter Fasnacht

See Walter Fasnacht answers to Ask the Scientists questions.

Walter Fasnacht is a curator in the Archaeology Section of the Swiss National Museum, a lecturer of archaeometallurgy at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, and an archaeometallurgist at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research. He began experimental work on ancient copper metallurgy as a research assistant in the Department of Prehistory, University of Zürich, twelve years ago. Several features of his copper and bronze casting experiments, notably of the reconstruction of the Ice Man's copper axe, appeared on German and Swiss TV stations. His first excavation was at Tel Yin'am, Israel with the University of Texas, Austin, followed by several campaigns of Cornell University Excavations at Alambra, Cyprus. His excavation experience ranges from Neolithic alpine settlements to Roman villas and medieval churches and cemeteries. Since 1988 he is the director of ALMYRAS Excavation and the archaeometallurgical survey of the Sia-Valley in Cyprus. Walter Fasnacht holds teaching degrees for elementary and secondary school in Switzerland.


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