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Photo of Prof. Deacon HILARY DEACON

Hilary Deacon is Professor of Archaeology and Head of Department at the University of Stellenbosch near Cape Town, South Africa. His research interests are African archaeology in general and the emergence of modern humans in particular. As you see on Science Safari, Deacon made one of the key discoveries in human evolution -- the oldest known modern human at the Klasies River site.

Deacon was a British Council Scholar at the University of London and received his PhD from the University of Cape Town in 1974. As well as teaching archaeology at the University of Stellenbosch, he has been a Visiting Professor at University of California, Berkeley (1986); a Visiting Fellow at Australian National University, Canberra (1984); and a Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago (1978)

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Deacon has authored approximately 100 publications in journals, books, monographs and conference proceedings. Frontiers viewers interested in learning more about Deacon's work may want to read these recent publications:

DEACON, H. J. (1995). Two Late Pleistocene-Holocene archaeological depositories from the southern Cape, South Africa. South African Archaeological Bulletin 50:121-131

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