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Photo of Michael Gazzaniga MICHAEL GAZZANIGA

After completing his undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College, Michael Gazzaniga earned a Ph.D. in psychobiology at the California Institute of Technology, where he was also a post-graduate fellow for two years. He was awarded a National Institute of Health Fellowship at the Institute of Physiology in Pisa, Italy.

Dr. Gazzaniga is currently the David T. McLaughlin Distinguished Professor at Dartmouth College and Director of the Program in Cognitive Neuroscience. He is also Special Assistant to the Provost for Science Development at Dartmouth. His teaching and research career has included appointments at the University of California at Davis, Dartmouth Medical School, Cornell University Medical College, the State University of New York at Stony Brook, New York University Graduate School and the University of California, Santa Barbara. Dr. Gazzaniga is President of the Cognitive Neuroscience Institute and in 1993 founded the Cognitive Neuroscience Society. He is married and has five daughters and a son. Find out more about Dr. Gazzaniga's research, publications and latest book, The Cognitive Neurosciences, by visiting his home page,

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