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Photo of Kenneth Storey KENNETH B. STOREY

Ken Storey is Professor of Biochemistry in the Departments of Biology and Chemistry at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

His research interests include:
  • Metabolic rate depression: hibernation and estivation
  • Freeze tolerance in vertebrates
  • Cold hardiness in insects and other invertebrates
  • Metabolic rate depression and anoxia tolerance
  • Biochemical adaptations for survival of environmental stress in marine invertebrates
  • Immobilized enzyme biotechnology
Storey earned a Ph.D. (Zoology) at the University of British Columbia and B.Sc. (Biochemistry) at the University of Calgary. Prior to joining Carleton's faculty in 1979, he was Assistant Professor of Zoology at Duke University in North Carolina. His research activities have taken him around the globe to places as diverse as Antarctica and the Amazon in Brazil. He is married and has two daughters. For detailed information about Storey's current projects and research interests and a complete list of his publications, visit his home page at

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